Dilek Redzep (Macedonia del Norte): Premio Concurso Internacional Permanente 'De la Creatividad al Piano'

 Enhorabuena por su creatividad al piano!

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What is the first experience you remember with music?  
Listening the records of classical music at home and traying to play on my moms piano . I adore to listen Rapsody in blue and American  in Paris with Stanley Black on piano .

What musical personality do you think most influenced your career?
It was many Marta Argerich, Evgenij Kissin ,Ivo Pogorelich ,Vladimir Askhenazy , Richter , I like it Rubinstain playing  when I was young and this years  Asian pianists Lang lang , Yundi Lee  , David Gareett Maksim Vengeriv, David Fray and others .

What was the style or composer you liked study when you were young?
I   adored   Mozart and I played often it sounds to me somehow pure music  ,  and Haydn ,Beethoven , Albeniz 

Tell us, please, any anecdote with the piano (in a course, or concert ...)
Today I play Chopin , classical period and Bach nowdays , Debussy ,but I like and Latino  clasicall com, new stayles Russian style I m not preferred too much except Tchaikovsky , and some modern pop songs with piano arrangement are good , styles like Yiruma and others .music from films and dramas , chinesse piano music I also preferred.

What do you think of the current situation of teaching piano and music?
I think that old styles of teaching  Hanon and  only technical metods are not that acceptabale for today youngsters , approach must me more with technique  and music  style  genre together not separated , and scales and music teory must be in parallel movement with other elements woven into the composition itself. And must be emotional elements in music  expression from earlier ages.

Online teaching is very acceptable to me and online commetitions and other events are very inspiring for students off all ages and for us ofcourse ,because because travel is not always available to us.

What are your favorite musicians? 
Marta Argerich , Daniel Barnboim , Anton Rubinstain.

Do you think it is useful to know resources about improvisation? Why?
Yes ,  music teory , accords , jazz akords  because of using this on many ways to create music , only atonal music is not acceptable to me as a musician because it does not have a good energy frequency.

How much important is for you developing creativity in a pianist?
Very much much more than some old approaches.

What musical projects do you have in mind?
I have a many projects who are very unusual .

What advice or recommendations would give now a piano beginner?
Love what you do is firt step and enjoy in piano progress and in every concert , recital in playing peace have a fun a   joy ,profesionalizam  and feeling like a great pianist .Be grateful that you have a audience so listen to you .

Want to add something more about your relationship with piano?
Piano is music , profesionalizam and music sound terapy , Many times what can be said and experienced in the music can not be expressed by words.


Mi foto
Musicógrafo influencer. Distinguido en Global Music Awards (EEUU). 1er Premio Concurso Piano Maestro Serrano. Especializado en Falla. Estrena Improvisaciones Albéniz y Granados (Boileau). Revistas: Música y Educación, Allegro, Ad Libitum, Polifonía y ArtsEduca. Coautor: 29 Maneras concebir silencio (Univ. Jaume I), Canto Natural (Bromera). Coord: Los poetas ante la música (Bubok). Autor: Piano Creativo (Rivera), Piano Español (Lulú) y Aprende a Improvisar al Piano (Redbook)

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